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1.  Contact us with any questions  
2.  Fill out an Adoption Application 
3.  Make your Reservation Deposit and Indicate Your Target Litter
4.  Receive information, photo, and video updates on litters 
5.  Await Selection Day (7 weeks old)
6.  Finalize Hand-off arrangements 
7.  Make Final Payment
8.  Smile like crazy when your puppy joins your family!
     [8 - 9 weeks old]

Puppy Adoption Process

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Selection Process
We place all puppies based on temperament.  We believe this is the best practice for the puppies and their families. 
Because every puppy grows up with us and our kids, we are keenly aware of their general personalities and tendencies.  In addition, we use an in-depth temperament test to assign Home Scores to each puppy.  These Home Scores highlight the base characteristics of the puppy and how they relate to different types of home situations.  This gives each family the best base opportunity to excel.  Each family then has the opportunity to focus on providing a healthy environment and quality training to help this puppy reach its full potential!
You have the option of choosing other qualifying characteristics such as size, gender, coloring, and fleece type.  However, the more specified you are, the longer your wait will be to adopt a puppy.

Selection Process

Pricing Anchor
Hand-Off Options

Cost of a Puppy is $3,000

Included with your puppy:

1.   Two Year Genetic Health Warranty & Spay/Neuter contract

2.   Microchip 

3.   ALAA registration paperwork will be provided at 8 mo.

4.   Starter Toy, Collar, and Leash

5.   Puppy Care Instructions and Item Recommendation List

6.   Vaccination and Health Record

Please note:  Our contract requires that you sterilize your puppy no later than 8 months of age. Please make sure you are comfortable with this requirement before purchasing a puppy from us.

Is my deposit refundable?
Answer:   Your deposit is refundable up until puppies are born to your first target litter.  If your reservation spot is outside of the number of healthy puppies born, your deposit and reservation spot will transfer to the next planned litter.


Hand-off Options and Costs

1.  Routine hand-off at our pick-up location:   No Additional Cost
2.  Hand-off at Detroit International Airport:    $100 
           $100 includes:    Required Vet Airline Certifications
3.  Puppy hand-delivered to an airport near you:  $500 plus plane ticket cost
$500 Portion Includes: 
-  Required Vet Airline Certifications
-  Booking of Personal and Pet Airline Tickets
-  Cost of Pet Airline Ticket
-  Regulation Airline Travel Crate
-  Associated Parking and Travel Cost

Pricing FAQ

Price includes the $500 deposit required to reserve your spot.

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