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Cost of a S & G Labradoodle is $3,000 

(Getting much more then just a dog.  Your $500 deposit is placed toward the purchase price.)

Purchase Price Includes:


1.   Two Year Genetic Health Warranty & Spay/Neuter contract

2.   Microchip 

3.   ALAA registration paperwork will be provided at 8 mo.

4.   Starter Toy, Collar and Leash

5.   Starter Packet of Food that your puppy has been eating. 

6.   Puppy Care Instructions and Item Recommendation List

7.   Vaccination and Health Records


Please note:  Our contract requires that you sterilize your puppy no later than 8 months of age. Please make sure you are comfortable with this requirement before purchasing a puppy from us.




Payment Schedule and Additional Options


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1.   Initial, non-refundable, deposit of $500 put toward $3,000 purchase price (required to reserve your puppy).


2.   Delivery Payment (if NOT pickup up) of $500 plus the cost of the plane ticket and airline puppy fee.


 -  Will need to be agreed upon and paid prior to reservations being booked (approximately week 7)

 -  Includes Travel Crate and booking of all necessary arrangements.


3.   Final Balance of $2,500 for a total of $3,000 plus the cost of the optional delivery agreement.

           -  Will need to be paid prior to receiving the puppy.  (approximately week 8)



Payment Options

To make a non-refundable deposit you can use PayPal or a Certified Cashiers Check.
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Our preferred method for the final payment is through a Certified Cashiers Check.  

We strive to not only offer you the best companion, but also a peace of mind as you adopt from us.

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