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S & G Selection Process

Our goal is to connect families with the best puppy, fitting all possible needs and wants. In order to do this we have developed a selection process allowing all families with reservations to receive the best companion for their family ultimately not favoring one family over another.
We utilize four major areas on consideration based on your Adoption Application.

A.   Temperament - based on evaluation test to fit your family dynamics


B.   Gender - if you have set a preference or requirement 


C.   Coat - based on preference or requirement of coat type


D.   Color - if you have indicated a preference in color or markings




If you are on a reservation list for a specific dog and the litter does not have what you've indicated wanting, then you will be moved to the next available reservation list.  We do not have control over unexpected non-pregnancies, or how many of each gender or color are born in a litter.  

We reserve the right to keep one puppy from each litter to add to our breeding program.

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