Why Michigan Labradoodles?


Quality - We knew we wanted the best of the best.  And so we went out and got it.  Scarlet is from one the most experienced, selective family-based breeders in the business.  We did not skimp on any aspect of what we are doing and are expecting nothing short of being able to provide you with an excellent addition to your family.


Service - Honesty is a foundation of our family that stretches far beyond our business.  We understand that it takes a lot of trust to buy a dog online and are committed to making this a fun and memorable experience for you and your family.  We provide updates through facebook and email in a variety of forms, including detailed descriptions, pictures, and video.

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Why Authentic Australian Labradoodles?


Consistent - This is a multigenerational breed.  The pedigree is true back eight plus generations, breeding Authentic Australian Labradoodles with the same.  The result:  consistent features, frame, coat, intellect, and temperment.  On top of that we breed for excellence and closely adhere to the ALAA standard.


Coat - Their soft fleece coat has been developed over generations.  It provides the hypoallergenic qualities of the poodle, without sacrificing the amazing soft to the touch feel you will love.


Temperament - Originally bred as the ideal therapy dog, the Authentic Australian Labradoodle is great with adults and children alike.  A great mix of playfulness and cuddlability.