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The Australian Labradoodle breed dates back to the 1980's and was initiated by Wally Conran of Royal Guide Dogs located in Victoria Australia. The intent was to create a breed that was allergy and asthma friendly with the temperament of a service dog. This journey was inspired by a vision impaired woman in Hawaii needed a Guide Dog which wouldn't aggravate her husband's allergies. Of the 31 Labradoodles bred at Royal Guide Dogs, a staggering 29 made it through as Guide Dogs... an accolade of paralleled proportion for this "new breed' of Guide Dog. To continue the efforts of Wally Conron, breeders in Australia began breeding Labradoodles determined to produce litters with consistent conformation, coat type, and temperament. During the 90's, a number of other dog breeds were bred into the Labradoodle lines to assist in this effort. Most often the English Cocker Spaniel and American Cocker Spaniel were the breeds used, however, it is reported that a few other dog breeds were also introduced into certain lines. DNA evidence of these dog breeds are still found in a few lines today, while others were bred out and not re-introduced into any other blood lines.

Breed History

We wanted a manageable sized dog that was allergy-friendly and still had the soft coat and looks we loved.  Our search brought us to the Australian Labradoodle.  We NEEDED a coat that we could trust would be allergy-friendly as my husband and a couple of my girls suffer from severe allergies.  We NEEDED the great temperament that melded with our family of four girls under the age of eight.   That included our one-year-old that would require a dog patient enough to put up with all that she would inflict.  Yet, at the same time the playfulness our older girls would want.  Scarlet, our foundation dog, has proven to us the multigenerational Australian Labradoodle has lived up to all of her billing.   We wanted the cutest of dogs that could adjust to a variety of situations.  We also wanted to align with an organization that held a high standard for the breeders involved, and that is where the ALAA comes into the picture.  We personally are striving to hit that high standard with our breeding program only breeding Scarlet with the highest quality sires.

Our Puppy Journey

The ALAA monitors and defines the breed standard and development.  It does this through careful regulation of:

1.   Extensive health testing requirements for Silver and Gold breeding dogs.

2.   Holding breeders to a high standard of ethics in breeding and business practices.

3.   High Standards for breed development.

4.   Genetic screening to ensure the greatest quality puppies.   




Proud Member of the ALAA

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